Play Freecell Solitaire Game for Free!

Enjoy With Freecell Solitaire and Have Fun

You will like this game from the first sight as it is very interesting for everyone like mahjong titans. Also, you do not need any additional skills or some experience to play in it.

Choose Your Favorite Type of Game

If you are interested in different types of this game, you can choose one of three different types, for example:

  • First type is “Free Cells “ – you can see four piles, which are located in the left upper corner;
  • Second type is “Foundations “ – here you will see four piles, which are located in the right upper corner;
  • Third one – “Tableau “– here you will see the main table, which consists of 8 different piles.

How To Be the Winner?

The main aim of the game is that you should get all the cards. Each Foundation has it’s own rank and suit, so you should place all the cards on them. It should be done in order only. For example, the first card should be Ace and the last one – King.

It is possible to do following these steps like:

  1. A single card can be moved to the Free Cell always;
  2. It is possible to have only one card on Free Cell at one time;
  3. All the cards should be in order and you can move them to another Tableau pile, only if your card is lower. For example, 6 red under 7 spades and so on;
  4. Also, you can click 2 times on Foundation and the card will be sent there immediately;
  5. The main point is that you should make as few moves as you can. Also, time of the game is counted and you should think very quickly about every your next action;
  6. If you wish to undo the action, you should not forget that it is counted like separate move, so you should not forget about it.

All your games will be shown in your personal result, for example, how much time you have spent for every game. You should not worry, because after playing 2-3 games you will do everything very quickly and will show the best result.